Portland's Live 95.5 Radio App App Reviews

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Best app

Love this station


This is the best app ever u need to get it


It is so awesome. I love it. <3

Outstanding app

This is a great fun app. Loads if fun. Easy to use. Win lots of great prizes.

Great app!!!

Total worth the time in getting it:) Great app

Gotta have music???

If you take your phone everywhere.... Who doesn't?!!! Load the app, then you don't miss out on great music, Morning Mess with Tanya & Phonefail Mike, Staceylynn, Max & OsO fresh. Contest thru clip it (on the app) contest via station, twitter, Facebook etc. AWESOME.

Best app ever!

Love this app! You totally need to download this now!!!! <3

Less ads

This is a really great app and I love all the different functions, but what this app needs to do is to put up less ads! Every time I open this app it springs a 30 second commercial on me. Another thing this ad can ad to make it better is to put a list of recent songs they played at a specific time so that if you like the song you can check back at the time you heard it and be able to find the songs name. They have this on their website and they should add it on this app. Overall, awesome app!😃


Crashes and shuts off every 1/2 song. Beginning ad plays then stops. You have to click screen to get to the ap. if those items fixed it would be better.

Doesn't work

It keeps crashing like every 2 minutes!!!


I love this app, especially that I can add to my favorites and see the recently played songs.


Great app!!!


Love the music just wished there were more samples


Love you guys now I can always lissen now that I don't have a radio. Hopefully I can lissen to ground zero

Kidd chris

Kidd chris 9am to 1pm est! The best, runs smoothly over 3g!


I lived in Oregon for ten years and now I live in mexico and everyday I listen to portlands rock this is a sick app. Kufo for life...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Not working

The app is Not working with iphone4 !!!!! :(

Buggy after update

After the last iPhone update this app has stopped working. No music. No content. Nothing. It will load the station info but it never streams the music. Blah. Just like the station itself. Not really worth the effort.

Got it all

Music is awesome. App works without a hitch.

+5 internets to you

You found a way to stream in the background.... I almost shed a tear.

About time!

I've been waiting for a long time for this! And it's great luv how u can keep it playing in the background. I think this is the first app I've found that allows this . Great job on this app!


Kiddchris in my pocket!!!!!

Badass App!!

I was going to kill myself until I found out I could listen to kiddchris on this. I should never had doubted this iPhone.

Portland's only rock station!!

Great App!!!


Great app!

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